Weight Loss,

Anti-Aging & Optimal Health in Tucson

About EQ Health

Welcome to Equilibrium Health (EQ Health), a progressive clinic dedicated to not only addressing your healthcare goals but your LIFE goals. We offer cutting-edge, individualized, evidence-based, integrative treatment modalities aimed at unleashing your individual potential to HEAL, PREVENT, and OPTIMIZE.

Heal, Prevent, Optimize

The EQ approach begins with the simple idea that you deserve to feel and function at your individual best. We are deeply committed to working together to achieve your specific goals, to cultivate a robust sense of EQUILIBRIUM amidst your unique challenges, and ultimately empowering you to live and enjoy the life you want.

Whether you seek powerful adjunct treatment of acute or chronic disease, advanced care for mental health concerns, or cutting edge approaches to enhanced longevity (“anti-aging” medicine), weight loss, stress management, hormone optimization, nootropic/cognitive performance, sexual health, surgery recovery, athletic preparation/performance, and many others, we look forward to exploring how we can help you break personal plateaus, establish a higher baseline of wellbeing, and live life to its fullest.

The next step in the evolution of healthcare will inevitably extend beyond the current paradigm which narrowly defines “health” as freedom from explicit disease. While continuing to appreciate the paramount importance of establishing and maintaining health in this limited sense, we believe true health includes OPTIMAL form, function, and wellbeing. The future of healthcare will inevitably embrace the growing demand and increasing number of available options, fueled by ongoing advances in science and technology, to treat the "healthy" in order to engender the "OPTIMIZED." Experience the future of medicine now at EQ Health.

Our Services

  • Ketamine
  • Peptides
  • Joovv (red light therapy)
  • Male hormone optimization
  • Anti-aging/longevity
  • Function, performance, aesthetic, and wellness optimization